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Sunday Jan 20, 2008

Last night, I went to a local art event for the City of Cambridge. It was supposed to be a “brainstorming” session for art and culture in the community, a way for City Council to find out the needs of its artists, writers, musicians and performers. They had a suggestion box to submit ideas as well as a pad of paper to write down suggestions with the intention for others to add comments and expand upon. I’m not sure how successful it was in that respect, but I had a lovely time and met a few interesting people. It was a good time for all… there was free food, free spirits and a jazz quartet. They even had nice door prizes… lucky me… I won 2 bottles of wine! 🙂
One of my thoughts was that they needed a better way of promoting events. They really need something online where you can check out what’s happening in the community. I often miss events because they aren’t promoted well enough. I just happened to read about this one in the newspaper while having my dinner. I hadn’t planned on going & this was the first that I’d even heard of it. One thing that I thought about when I left, was that it would be nice if there was an event once a month or once every so often just for people to meet other artists, musicians, performers in the community and network. That’s kinda why I was there in the first place.

I was a real goof last night and stayed up waaaaaaaaaaay late 2:30 am (I think) working on my website.  I have a feeling that I’ll be uploading the changing sometime this week.  Though it was probably a crazy thing for me to do… I feel good about getting the tedious part of it done & out of the way.  Just minor tweaking left on it.  Now that I have an updated portfolio online… my next project will be promoting it.  Gonna design a new postcard mailer.

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