Blustery Day…

Wednesday Jan 30, 2008

It’s been super cold and windy today. I have my desk set up in front of the window that faces the street. Today was garbage day… and I’ve been watching everyones blue recycle bins blowing down the street like tumbleweed all day. I have a feeling a large percentage of recycled material never made it onto the truck today… I had to run outside a couple of times to pick up stuff that dumped.

I just got in from walking the dog. The wind made it pretty difficult… but we managed to make it home okay without blowing away.

My son has invited a bunch of friends over for a LAN party tonight. They just finished up their exams and this is the way they are celebrating. They’ve set up all their computers in the livingroom. They’ve shut the big baby (my golden retriever) in his kennel, because he was being too exuberant. Now he’s making this pathetic whining noise… sounds like a beached whale. Between that and all the shooting… I have a feeling it’s gonna be a l-o-n-g n-i-g-h-t…..

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