Zooooom week….

Wednesday Feb 6, 2008

Wow. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday! It’s been go, gO, GO! all week for me…
During the day, I’ve been designing stationery product for one of my clients which has been a lot of fun. Mainly, because it’s getting me out of my “greeting card rut” and making me think a little differently. I’ve been designing stuff that’s kinda “dimensional”. So far, I’ve designed 4 “Tower of Notes”… and designed my first “Note Cube” today. I’d really be interested in seeing these when they’re manufactured. Hopefully, I will get some sample product… that would be nice.

On Monday & Tuesday evening… I taught. On Monday, my usual “Children’s Picture Book Illustration” class… then on Tuesday, I taught “Watercolours” to my daughter’s Pathfinder group. I’m kinda happy that I’m staying in tonight, though we were originally planning to go to church. But, we got a heck of a lot of snow today… and the roads aren’t so nice… so it’s best just to stay home. Michael was really late getting home from work tonight because of the driving conditions.

Once again, the kids had a “Snow Day” because the buses didn’t run. They had 2 snow days last week. That was like a dream week for them! 🙂

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