Great news for online shoppers…

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“Granny’s Giant Bannock” is finally available on the publishers website for anyone wishing to order it this way.

Granny's Giant Bannock

Granny’s Giant Bannock

A little miscommunication between English-speaking Larf and his Cree-speaking grandmother leads to hilarious results when a giant, sprawling bannock threatens to take over the town. Beyond its antic humour, this is a tender story about the need to listen .

"Artists and their Apprentices" Exhibition

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These are photos taken of me & my books at the first annual “Artists and their Apprentices” exhibition at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts on the weekend.  The show was a big success, with approximately 155 people visiting the gallery at the opening from 1-3 pm.  If you’re in the area, you should check it out… there is a lot of lovely artwork being created in Cambridge.  We should be proud!  🙂

Winnipeg Free Press Book Listing…

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Cool… I’m right in there with Robert Munsch & Michael Martchenko. 🙂

Artists and Their Apprentices Exhibition

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I have put my books & some of the original artwork from “A Journey Through the Circle of Life” into the “Artists and Their Apprentices Exhibition” at the Cambridge Art Centre.  I teach part-time at the Art Centre & this is a Student & Teacher show.  The art in the exhibition offers a brief overview to some of the courses which are being offered at the Art Centre this year.  The exhibition runs for January 10- 24 with the opening reception being held on January 10th from 1-3 pm.  I hope to see everyone out.

This winter I am teaching “Children’s Picture Book Illustration” at the Art Centre.  I’m really looking forward to teaching… but I just checked… and I need another 9 people in order for it to run.  Unfortunately, it missed getting into the winter program flyer, so it’s only being advertised from this poster that I created:

If you are interested in taking this course or know someone who might be interested in taking this course please get in touch with the Cambridge Arts Centre.

Happy New Year!

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Today is the last day of 2008, and it’s a very cold crisp day.  I know this because I just slipped out in my pjs and coat to pick up the recycle that fell off the snow bank onto the road!  What a mess… I hope they come by to pick it up soon.  Blue boxes really should have lids.

Anyway, lots of snow fell during the night, and it’s a winter wonderland out there once again.  Yesterday it looked more like March.  The sidewalks were bare & grass showing through.  Snow looks nice… but I’ve already had enough of it.  Sadly there’s about 3.5 more months of it… hopefully less.

Thinking back on the year I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.  For my health, I only recall being sick once.  I rarely think about my health, but this year both my Dad and Sister were being treated for cancer which was a reminder for me.  On that note, both Dad and Kathy are on their way to recovery… another thing I’m truly grateful for.  And though it seemed a little patchy in places, I mostly had a lot of work to keep me busy & paying bills.  And the work I was given was different and interesting for me too.  I learned quite a bit from it.  I need to update my design website with this new stuff.  About 95% of the work I did this year was graphic design work.  I only illustrated a handful of cards this year and my biggest project was another children’s book for Pemmican Publications.  {I hope that 2009 brings more illustration work my way… maybe 75% illustration work & 25% design work.  I really enjoy doing both.}

2008 marked my 40th year that was celebrated in June.  My little brother got married that same day… so it was quite an occasion for the family.  On the Sunday following, Michael & the kids gave me a surprise birthday party the day with a bunch of close friends.  That was wonderful.  Some of them I hadn’t seen in YEARS!!!!

I got to visit again with Mitch in California, and that was a fun week.  He and I finally published our picture book project, “Michael and the Purple Cows” book with  That was quite the process, and it has got me thinking about “Maude and the Glasses” again.  Maybe I’ll publish “Maude and the Glasses” through this year.

Yes, 2008 wasn’t a bad year… I’m excited to see what unfolds for me in 2009.

I wish everyone all the best in 2009.  May all your hopes and dreams come true.

Lots of love,


Pemmican Press Launch at Aqua Books…

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I just noticed that Brenda is going to be reading “Granny’s Giant Bannock” at Aqua Books this weekend (December 6, 2008 @ 2:00 pm).  The address is 274 Garry Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3C 1H3.  Boy… I wish I lived closer, I’d love to be there for it… but since I can’t I’ll just send my best thoughts.

Granny's Giant Bannock… my books have arrived!

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How exciting a nice big package was left sitting on my doorstep…

Gee.. I wonder what could possibly be inside?

Oh my gosh… IT’S MY SHINY NEW BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wow! Would you take a look at this! Like, could you hurry it up a little and take this picture already? I’d really, really like to take a look inside!

It’s so nice to finally see it in “book” form! I’m very happy with it!

New Book: Granny's Giant Bannock

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My latest picture book “Granny’s Giant Bannock” has finally been given press approval and will start being printed on Monday. I saw the printer proof on Wednesday, and I was happy with it. I painted this one on the computer, so it was kinda neat to see it on paper.

I was kinda surprised to see that someone’s already talking about it… since it hasn’t officially even hit the printing press!

I really enjoyed getting to know these characters… Larf, Granny and Sam. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of them… it’s a fun book…

Summer Projects

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It’s been quite a busy summer for me… been designing designing a ton of greeting cards, with a bit of gift & stationery product sprinkled in there… and topped off with another book for Pemmican Publications.  Makes me tired just thinking about it… has been a lot of late nights & early mornings.

My book illustrations were due today… and I got them in to the publisher this morning to make the deadline.  It’s kind of a weird feeling to be finished, granted it feels nice to not have the looming deadline hanging over my head like it has been all summer.  Anyway, I think the book turned  out nice.  I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.  I’ll keep you posted when it comes out.  It is titled “Granny’s Giant Bannock”.  Will make an enjoyable & fun read… I guarantee… 🙂

Relish Design

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I just got a message from the Publisher at Pemmican and “A Journey Through the Circle of Life” has been posted in the portfolio section of Relish Design. This is the company that was responsible for the book design. Looks nice… look here.

I like the illustrations that they choose to highlight from the book… some of my best work.