A Journey through the Circle of Life

Cover of Journey Through the Circle of Life

Written by Desirée Gillespie
Illustrated by Kimberly McKay-Fleming

Young Cheyenne’s grandfather teaches her to plant a tree every year, both to honour Mother Nature and also to respect the circle of life. When he passes away, Cheyenne is sad. As she understands the rhythm of life and death, however, she realizes the wisdom of his teaching is a gift that can last forever.

Manitoba author Desirée Gillespie’s story was written to help children deal with the passing of loved ones. Yet it is also about the Metis tradition of respecting the wisdom of our elders, and understanding that the goodness in people lives on through the knowledge they share. By understanding the circle of life, we ensure we look ahead to what we leave our own grandchildren and the generations to follow.

K – Grade 7

“This book would fit well into a unit of families, the environment or Metis studies.” – CM Magazine


Girls Dance, Boys Fiddle


Written by: Carole Lindstrom
Illustrated by: Kimberly McKay

Young Metisse may think she has two left feet when it comes to dancing, but her hands know how to coax beautiful music from a fiddle. If only everyone would understand. Girls Dance, Boys Fiddle is a funny but feeling story of a girl who has to challenge tradition to prove that she can fiddle with the best. Carole Lindstrom’s thoughtful story is warmed and brightened by Kimberly McKay’s vivid illustrations.


Granny’s Giant Bannock

Written by: Brenda Wastasecoot
Illustrated by: Kimberly McKay-Fleming

A little miscommunication between English-speaking Larf and his Cree-speaking grandmother leads to hilarious results when a giant, sprawling bannock threatens to take over the town. Beyond its antic humour, this is a tender story about the need to listen and understand.

Grades K – 7

“This rollicking fantasy has a special charm, enhanced by a valuable lesson in the importance of communication.” – CM Magazine


 I Don’t Like Bugs

I Don't Like Bugs

Written by Edgar D. Desjarlais
Illustrated by Kimberly McKay
Michif translation by William Sanderson

Summer brings day and evenings to glory outdoors. It also brings bugs. In this amusing illustrated story, a young boy and girl and their dog try to savour the season despite the irritating intrusion of a gang of insects, from wasps int he air to ants in the picnic basket. Soon, they find there’s only one sure way to be cool.

This book is presented in both English and the traditional Metis language of Michif.


I Loved Her

Written by: Shezza Ansloos
Illustrated by: Kimberly McKay-Fleming

The people we love will live on in our memories. I Loved Her is a young Metis girl’s tender recollection of her wise and loving grandmother. From singing songs together at the piano to playing indoor games on rainy days, their friendship grows deeper and richer. Shezza Ansloo’ first book for young readers is a is a heartening testament to a love that will never be forgotten.


Michael and the Purple Cows

Written by: Mitchel A. Foy
Illustrated by: Kimberly McKay-Fleming

An ordinary day turns into an extraordinary one for Michael when a herd of Purple Cows show up at his door. Michael and the Purple Cows is a delightful tale about childhood and the magical experience of imaginary friends. Written for two to five year olds, it is a new addition to the traditional bed time story and is simple enough to allow a child to read it as they grow older.


 **NEW**  We Like the Winter


Written by Edgar D. Desjarlais
Illustrated by Kimberly McKay
Michif translation by William Sanderson

It may take a Canadian to find the charm in the coldest season. For two adventurous children (and their spirited dog), winter is an entire season of delights, from hockey and skating to snowballs and forts.

This book is presented in both English and the traditional Metis language of Michif.