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I just got a message from the Publisher at Pemmican and “A Journey Through the Circle of Life” has been posted in the portfolio section of Relish Design. This is the company that was responsible for the book design. Looks nice… look here.

I like the illustrations that they choose to highlight from the book… some of my best work.

Book Review

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On Monday, my publisher send me this link:

It’s my very first book review and thankfully it’s a good one!  Our book has been “recommended”   🙂

A Journey Through the Circle of Life

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This summer, I illustrated a picture book for Pemmican Publications. “A Journey Through the Circle of Life”, was published in the fall and is my first published book. It’s been a very exciting experience for me. This weekend I popped by the publisher’s website and noticed that it is finally listed in their online catalog. This is good news as I’ve had a few inquiries from people wanting to get their hands on a copy. So, here is the link … just in case you’re interested :